About Freestyle Capital

Freestyle Capital Group is a boutique private equity firm that is an advocate for passive investors like you. We source private equity real estate investment opportunities across a variety of recession-resistant asset classes. Leverage our expertise, due diligence, relationships, and partnerships to gain access to institutional quality investment opportunities.

Meet the Team

Melanie McDaniel
Founder, CEO

Melanie McDaniel, Founder of Freestyle Capital Group, is a lifestyle design enthusiast and location independent traveler.

Melanie was raised in a blue-collar home in suburbia, America. She was taught, like many American kids, to go to school, get good grades, go to college, then get a job, preferably one with a pension, work for 20-40 years and retire in her 60s–she also had a serious case of wanderlust for as long as she could remember, a frustrating conflict. Often losing sleep dreaming about the curiosities she had of the world, Melanie’s soul was yearning to travel, discover, and be out in the world.

It is no wonder that Melanie ended up with a lifestyle that allows her to travel and live abroad for months at a time, it was who she was all along. To learn more about her journey, watch the video.

Melanie spends most of her time building relationships with strategic partners who are the best operators in the business in their investment specialty. She attends conferences, training, and networking events to stay abreast of who’s who in the business, to learn what changes are happening in the industry, and to continue to grow her professional network. She spends a significant amount of time conducting due diligence on sponsors, projects, market economics, and she negotiates, structures, and presents only the best opportunities to her investor-partners.

Melanie found her purpose, which is to inspire others to join the lifestyle design movement and to help them find their path to financial freedom and grow their wealth through real estate. She continues living her dream lifestyle of travel and time freedom while still on her own journey to financial freedom.

Derek Yoder

Derek Yoder serves as the Underwriting Consultant for Freestyle Capital Group.

Derek has worked in the Financial Industry for over 13 years. His career started at Fidelity Investments where he worked in various roles including Options Principal, Risk Manager, Large Block Trader, Ultra High Net Worth Client Manager and Strategy Desk Presenter, teaching technical analysis, option strategies, and fundamental analysis to Fidelity’s investors.

In 2015 Derek switched careers to focus on his interest in commercial real estate. He currently serves as the Director of Acquisitions, Asset Management and Dispositions for a large investment group in Salt Lake City, Utah. Derek manages all 1031 transactions for the company and underwrites and transacts in all domestic US markets. He has worked to acquire over $760M in assets and has helped facilitate the sales of over $1B in assets. Additionally, he helps manage investor relationships, helps with business development and contributes to model development and opportunity analysis.
Derek graduated with a Bachelor of Finance from University of Phoenix and a Master of Finance from Penn State.

In his free time, Derek serves as the CFO and a Founding Partner for Vintage Spirits Distillery, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, he is a Master Gardener through Utah State University and volunteers at the local community gardens serviced by Utah State University. When he has time to relax, he takes his boys camping, biking and rockhounding.


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