You can’t earn your way to wealth. The key to building wealth is to buy cash flowing, appreciating assets.

Investing passively in private real estate transactions is a smart way to build your wealth. As a Limited Partner in the syndication of an institutional quality real estate asset, you the investor get to participate in all of the benefits of real estate in relation to your investment amount. You get depreciation tax benefits, debt paydown, forced appreciation, market appreciation, cash flow, a hedge to inflation, economies of scale, the power of leverage, low capital gains taxes, diversification in your portfolio, pride of ownership, and investment in a risk-mitigated asset that has a historically low default history.

How It Works


The Investor Lounge is where you will begin your journey. Once approved, you will begin to be notified of thoroughly vetted, private investment opportunities across a variety of recession-resistant asset classes.

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I want to build a personal relationship with every investor-partner and a call is the first step to building that relationship. It is an opportunity for us to learn a little more about you and your investing goals.


Leverage my expertise, due diligence, relationships, and partnerships to gain access to institutional quality investment opportunities to add to your investment portfolio. There will never be pressure to invest.


The goal of investing in real estate is to have your money work for you. Once you’ve invested, you begin generating passive income— there’s really nothing left to do but enjoy the returns and plan for the next investment.

What We Invest In…

Recession Resistant and Institutional Quality Opportunities
Apartments are our main focus, but we study other asset classes such as Storage Units, Mobile Home Parks, and Assisted Living

Opportunities with a value-add component for forced appreciation, but cash flows immediately upon purchase

Strategic markets in the U.S. with strong job, rent, and population growth, among a number of other growth indicators
Expert sponsors with a strong track record, conservative underwriting and assumptions, and strong character and values

The Value We Bring…

We are an Advocate for the Passive Investor

Professional Underwriting of the Deal

One of the key consultants at Freestyle Capital Group underwrites every deal independently, to confirm the Sponsor’s projections are accurate, conservative, and risk-mitigated. (No investment is risk-free)

Vetting the Sponsor

It is our purpose to continue to network and develop strategic relationships with the best sponsors in the business who have deal flow and the best reputation for reporting, communication, and transparency.

Market Research

We keep up with the trends and align with opportunities in the strongest primary and secondary markets in the U.S.

Deal structure

We look at the fine print for fees and hurdles to make sure the deal structure is fair and balanced between the Sponsor and Passive Investors.


Your Journey!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
-Lao Tzu

The first step is to join the Investor Lounge!

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